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Help You and Your Baby Get the Rest You Need

Phone consultations, coaching and education for tired parents who need guidance on how to help their baby sleep.

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Hi there! I'm Stephanie Shrewsberry, certified pediatric sleep consultant. I am so happy you are here and can't wait to start working with you and your family!

What Well Rested Parents Say

“We were just a few weeks away from needing the crib for our next baby. We knew our son was ready for the big boy bed, but it was going to be an adjustment...for everyone! Stephanie gave us the plan, the support, and the confidence that we needed in order to get our little one sleeping safe and sound all through the night!”

Tayler, mom of 22 month old

"Stephanie used her knowledge to create a sleep plan that worked specifically for our family. She knew I would have a hard time with the process, so she went with a more gentler approach which is exactly what we needed! Our experience with Stephanie was genuine, sincere, and more importantly, successful!"

Ambra, mom of 5 month old

"She listened to all the issues we were having, and helped form all the goals we wanted to reach with our son and his sleep habits. She gave us all the tools we needed, and gave us a plan that worked specifically for our family! Here we are, less than a month later - and our toddler is in his bed, all night - and we're all sleeping better. I'm so grateful for Stephanie and her guidance!" 

Hollee, mom of 26 month old

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